IMG-9848IMG-9851IMG-9849IMG-9853IMG-9843 Happy Spring Semester to the college students out there!  With my going to school in D.C. the past two weeks the weather has been absolutely FREEZING ! Since jeans are my go to when it gets cold I thought why not make a post about my D.I.Y. Fringed Jeans. I actually made the jeans in October of 2017 but I am just now wearing them for the first time today aha. The jeans are actually American Eagle’s “Tom Girl” Jeans . I wasn’t fond of the way they flared at the bottom so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try the fringed jeans trend. I overly love the way they turned out and I will definitely be doing another pair ! If you all are interested in doing a pair I will include the link below. Enjoy your weekend ! 


Link for D.I.Y. Jeans :

WHAT IM WEARING: Trench – H&M; Jeans – American Eagle,Shoes (Air Max 97)- Kids Foot Locker 

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