*NEW HAIR ALERT* I just recently changed my hair from box braids to Goddess Locs. This is my first time getting them done (successfully lol) and I am absolutely in love with them . All of my friends and family know that I have had some bad experiences with trying new hairstyles, so to find one that I really love is such a relief ! As you can see from the previous pictures that I have added some accessories to them. All of the accessories include spiral hair jewelry (idk the proper name for the them), shells, craft floss and colored natural hemp cords. I get a lot of questions about my accessories such as where to get them from and/or if the women that did my hair provided it for me etc… In this post I will not only tell you where to get it from but I will show you the packaging so it will be familiar. Here are the answers to some of the questions I have been getting lately:

Q:Did the women who did my goddess locs provide the accessories ?

A: No she did not, I had to purchase it on my own.

Q: Where did I get all the accessories from ?

A:  Shells/Spiral Hair Jewelry – Local Beauty Supplies Store |Craft Floss- Target (Stationary Section)| Natural Hemp Cords – Wal-Mart (Stationary Section).

Q:What type of hair did I use ?

A: 4 packs of Free Trees Braid Hair | 4 packs on Cuban Twist Hair









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