Hola loves ! As we all know one of the biggest weeks, well THE BIGGEST WEEK in the fashion world just passed ! That’s right New York Fashion Week was Feb 8th-Feb 16th, and I unfortunately did not go, but I was living through my Twitter and Instagram. Because I fell in love with so many of the looks I saw I decided it was MUST make a post about my favorite looks from the week ! 

Zendaya – @zendaya

Anaya R. – @anayal8ter

Aleali – @alealimay

Kehlani – @kehlani

All of these people, especially Aleali and Kehlani ,  are huge style icons in streetwear which is why I definitely couldn’t leave them out. As for Zendaya, she has been an style inspiration for me since she was on Disney’s Shake It Up aha. She was styled by Law Roach one of my FAVORITE  stylists so of course I had to post some of his work.  Anaya is a Wardrobe Stylist and Youtube personality and I love how she choose to wear a different look every day of the week. In the two pictures I choose, she dressed up a pair of bf jeans with heels and the fur jacket and in the second one was  more of a 90’s look for a show that she was attending. I love the wide range of diversity within all of these people and how they’re able to show their personal style so effortlessly. 

“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” -Anna Wintour


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