feminism (noun) -the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities.

Hi Femmes ! The cold has returned to D.C. and I am cringing ! I enjoyed the heat while it was here, now back to the trench coats. Today I actually threw my outfit together in less than 15 min and if you know me personally that is a record because I take forever to get dressed in the mornings . I hated the outfit when I left my room but as the day went on I loved it more and more. The shirt is actually a size larger than I usually get , however, I love the oversized, baggy t-shirt look and trousers. Not only is it a look but it is a super cozy everyday outfit. As you all can probably tell my Silver Bullet Air Max 97 are one of my go to pairs of shoes, therefore I wore those with my wine colored trousers and grey feminist t-shirt. & since it is freezing I threw on my navy blue trench coat. I usually wear my hair down so I thought I would try something new and wear it in a bun – and well, I loved that too ! This look overall is a very casual yet stylish look, and I believe wearing my hair in a bun added a bit of personality to the look. Hope I inspired someone, have a great day !

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