lrg_dsc00906fun fact ! Rugby or rugby football is a sport similar to  American football (although way more intense/ dangerous) that was originated in the United Kingdom. Many don’t know that rugby shirts are usually made of thick cotton as they were actually used to play rugby in the 1900’s – now they have jerseys similar to soccer jerseys.lrg_dsc00883img_0592img_0600lrg_dsc00886img_0596


When I tell you all this was well needed because I have been STRESSED with midterms (I hide it well don’t I ? 😅) Anyways, I decided to pull out my my brand new booties on this cold day and this really cute rugby shirt I thrifted last semester. Ever since I first saw rugby shirts – I fell in love ! [below I will insert a picture of how this shirt is usually worn] I found this shirt in my local thrift store and guess how much it was ! 5 dollars ! Yep that’s right 5 U.S. dollars, talk about a steal ! I usually would wear sneakers with a shirt like this but I thought I would try something a little different and wear the booties — BEST decision for this outfit. I love how the jeans gave the outfit more of casual look, where as the rugby shirt and booties added a tiny bit of vintage chic. You would think the booties would hurt my feet with my wearing sneakers all the time but, surprisingly, they’re very comfortable. It is simple yet functionable  – which is what I strive for in my every day looks.


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 8.18.32 PM On the left is a Rugby team from 1990’s – as you can see they are wearing rugby shirts about to play a game. 

Details: Rugby shirt- Thrifted| Black Jeans- American Eagle | Booties- Boo hoo 

One thought on “the thrifted rugby shirt

  1. Such a great sense of style. So blessed that I witnessed it first hand and can see how it has evolved. Keep up the great work, Rhonda!


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