hi loves !! This is my Spring Break week so I had some free time to tap into my creative side. I had my first of many styling sessions with my bestie, Maia.


Maia usual dresses very dressy or business casual as some would say so when styling her I wanted to stay in her lane but put my own simple twist on it. So I picked out a vintage Levi shirt and these really cute yellow plaid pants and grey platform heels. Obviously, the yellow plaid pants were the statement piece because they are just so unique and there are so many ways to wear them. However, since I am all about simplicity I choose a t shirt. Then I choose the grey platform hells – they give the outfit a chic look, also the grey in a way brings the baby blue and mustard yellow together. I wanted the look to be casual because I knew we would be in a sporty outdoor setting and I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Plus who dresses up to go to a park ?…. Exactly 


This was one of the first times doing an actual shoot for someone and styling them for it. I’ve been working on my photography skills 😉 I just want to thank my bestie for helping my vision come to life. [shoutout to Maia]. I definitely look forward to doing many more. Hope I inspired someone !

s.n.~ since this is my first styling session there will be more photos from the shoot available in the “Portfolio” section of the blog. so be sure to go look at those other amazing shots I got of Maia !


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Where to get this look ? Top – Levi Store|Bottoms – Fashion Nova | Shoes – Just Fab 

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