Hiii ! Can yall believe it is still cold in D.C. ! ITS BEEN COLD SINCE OCTOBER ! Im convinced that there is no Spring this year and that we’re going straight to summer. It is mid-April and I am still wearing a trench coat to class 🤦🏾‍♀️

Anyways, last weekend it was in the 70’s and the wind was blowing, it felt AMAZING ! It was so sunny and nice and I felt like I was back home in Florida. Since it felt so good me and my friends went out to a darty. [darty = day +party] I wore my biker shorts and a yellow crop crewneck. I wore the long sleeve because at night it got cooler. And I just paired it with my favorite platform old skool vans . I literally love them so much . Yes, they are trending right now but they have gained a special spot in my heart ahaha. Lastly, of course I had to wear my …..*drumroll* ……FANNY PACK! Y’all  I literally love love love my fanny pack ! My grandma actually got it for me a few years back from Wal-Mart for 5 BUCKS. So when the trend came in I pulled it out without having to drop a dime.


What did I get this look from ?

Crop Crewneck – H&M|Biker Shorts – Boohoo| Platform Old Skool Vans – Vans Store | Fanny Pack – Wal-Mart | Shades- Forever 21

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