Hey Guys ! So on May 8th I take my very last final of my Junior Year at Howard University. It doesn’t even feel like I am about to be a Senior, like wowow. Anyways, this year was definitely better than my Freshman/Sophomore year in almost every way possible. I wasn’t as shy as I was last year so that allowed me to grow to be more of a social person and it allowed to meet a lot of really nice people. Most importantly it has given me the courage to finally start my blog in January- which has helped me learn so much more about myself, my capabilities, and my interests. Also, discover some dreams and interests that I never really even knew I had. Last summer before I came back for my Junior Year I told myself that coming into this year I would make it my mission to pray everyday and focus on the positive because I know there are so many other people who do not have the privilege of going to college at all.  I used to become discouraged very easily when I first got here, however I decided to focus more on the positive and manifest my dreams.. That is a daily reminder that I have to set for myself. But because I kept my faith strong this semester I believe I was less stressed and worried than I’ve ever been here. 

However, going into my Senior Year I will continue to keep God first as I make it through my last year of Undergrad. I want to make sure I not only graduate with Honors but make more memories with my friends , have as much fun as I can before this chapter of our lives end and leave my mark on Howard University.



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